Nash is a neutered male guinea pig who is around 1 year old! He came in with his brother Theodore, however the two didn’t seem to get on well upon arrival and were often caught bickering! As a result we have decided to separate the two, as a few scuffles ended in some scratch wounds. We feel Nash would be best paired with a female pig, however as he has recently been neutered, he will only be able to be mixed on the 28th January. This will not stop him from going home earlier, it just means he will need to be kept separate until then! He is a lovely boy, who is just a little shy around humans. With time, patience and tasty veggies, Nash should gain confidence in no time!

Theodore and Nibbles

Theodore and Nibbles are two neutered male Guinea Pigs, both at approximately 1 year old. It’s taking these boys a little while to settle here in the sanctuary, and it may take some time to get their confidence up! The boys love their tasty greens, and munch on their hay all day long. A quiet home would be beneficial to these guys to help them come out of their shells. If you feel you could offer these boys a forever home, please contact the sanctuary, fill in an application and speak to the staff.


Bandito is a standard grey male chinchilla at approximately 1 year old. He loves to investigate new toys and chews, as well as thoroughly enjoying his pellets! He has been with us for a while now, and would really love his forever home. He absolutely loves his sand baths and eagerly awaits treat time! A home in which a new family are willing to learn about Chinchillas or have previous chinchilla experience would be preferred! If you feel you could offer Bandito a home, please call up to the sanctuary, fill out an application and have a chat with the staff.


Sierra is a sweet piggy at around 6 – 7 months old. She was quite skittish when admitted to the sanctuary, though she does seem to have settled and is gradually coming around to being out and about around us humans! She enjoys tasty veggies such as bell peppers, spinach, kale, celery and cucumber, she also loves to munch some cherry tomatoes! Sierra would love a neutered male piggy partner or potentially another female pig to bond with. If you feel you could offer Sierra a home with a piggy partner, please call up to the sanctuary, fill out an application and speak to the small animal unit staff!

Reese and Hershey

Reese and Hershey are two newly admitted male piggies! Reese is the cream colored pig and Hershey is the brown long haired piggy. Reese is around 8 months old whilst Hershey is around 9 months old. Both boys will be neutered this week. They are fairly confident piggies, though, as they are still young, they are still a little on edge of sudden movements close to them! They don’t mind being held and petted, though do prefer their feets being on the ground! If they can hear pellets or veggies being cut, they will make their presence known with their wheeking! If you feel you could offer Reese and Hershey a forever home, please call up to the sanctuary.

Kaya and Rei

Kaya and Rei are two newly admitted female guinea pigs and they are both around 1.5 – 2 years old. Kaya is ginger and white, whilst Rei has a ginger and brindle/brown face with a white body. The girls are still a little nervous of human interaction, however we are working with them daily to help them with this. They both enjoy their food, especially their tasty veggies. The girls would like a home with plenty of space, and humans willing to be patient with them gradually gaining their trust. If you feel you could offer these girls a home, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form.

Pumpkin and Bean

Pumpkin and Bean are two newly admitted male Guinea Pigs. Pumpkin is Ginger and White in colour, whilst Bean is more of a cream colour. Both pigs are around 1 year old, and are currently both entire – both will be neutered here at the sanctuary. They are still settling here at the sanctuary, but are gradually coming out of their shell. They are loving tasty vegetables and munching well on their hay. The boys will need a good amount of space to continue to run about in! If you feel you could offer Pumpkin and Bean a home, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form.

Hudson, Charles, Bobby and Hank

These four beautiful boys are Hudson (Top Right), Charles (Top Left), Bobby (Bottom Left) and Hank (Bottom Right). Recently admitted to the sanctuary, these boys are still taking a little time to settle. They have recently had a vet check, and are now on ear drops for their dirty ears. Hudson and Charles are currently on antibiotics for a respiratory infection, which seems to be gradually clearing up. All boys will be neutered at the same time, once Hudson and Charles are off their antibiotic medication. The boys have lived together for several years, and seem to all get on well with each other. We would love to keep them together if we could however would consider pairs if it meant them getting forever homes! All boys are around 3 years old. They will require a larger space if they are all being kept together! They all seem to enjoy their food, so socialization with tasty veg should have these boys coming around in no time! If you feel you could offer these boys a forever home, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form!

Jupiter and Neptune

Jupiter and Neptune are two newly admitted piggies to the sanctuary! They are currently entire males, however will both be getting neutered. Jupiter is a Tri-Colour Abyssinian Guinea Pig, whilst Neptune is a Short Haired Tri-Colour Piggy! These two boys have settled fairly quickly into sanctuary life, already knowing when it’s pellet and veggie time! Jupiter and Neptune will need a good sized accommodation, as they are both large piggies that seem to love to run about and explore! If you feel you could offer Jupiter and Neptune a forever home, please come up to the sanctuary, have a chat with our staff and fill out an application form!

Ronnie + Reggie

Ronnie and Reggie are two young male guinea pigs at approximately 4-5 months old. These piggies are very skittish and will require a home that will be patient in regards to their socialization with humans. Both boys have just been neutered and are doing very well. They love their tasty greens and running about their accommodation! Whilst these boys are coming on well, it is still going to be some time before they are completely confident around us large humans!

If you feel you have the right home for Ronnie and Reggie, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form.