Leave a Legacy

For nearly 25 years Assisi has been helping, saving and taking care of lost, abandoned, abused, unwanted and stray animals to ensure their safety and well-being until they find their happy ever after forever home.

Have you ever considered leaving a gift in your will to Assisi?

A gift left in your Will to Assisi Animal Sanctuary, after you have looked after your family and friends, and taken care of everyone and everything that is important to you is a great way to ensure that your love of animals and interest in their well-being is continued long into the future.

Your legacy shows your love
A gift to Assisi Animal Sanctuary will bring comfort to animals facing their toughest of times: should it be someone they love has passed away, left or abandoned them or treated them poorly, your gift means they’ll get a helping hand and the reassurance of a loving, caring environment for as long as it takes for them to find their new family and loving home.

A gift in your Will could mean you leave a legacy of care and support, when it is needed most.

How you’re remembered
Your Will lets the people you leave behind know about the person you are. It also helps pass on your principles, values and things that matter to you.

Your greatest gift
We all have financial commitments, which means we can’t always do as much as we’d like to be able to do. A gift left in your Will is an opportunity to give more than you might ever have been able to give in your lifetime, providing comfort, care and compassion for companion animals well into the future

Assisi relies on the generosity of its supporters and we are incredibly grateful for every gift we receive no matter what the size. All gifts help us provide the animals in our care with a warm bed, veterinary attention and most importantly of all, the time to care for them until we find them their loving new forever home.

Legacies are hugely important to us as an organisation and have already helped us improve what we currently do, providing new runs, better housing for cats, installing heat into our kennels, improving security and properly equipped vans.

Your support, no matter how small, is extremely beneficial to us.  Your legacy can help feed the animals in our care, provide them with warm dry beds, excellent veterinary care and a safe environment until we can find them a suitable new loving home.  

Your act of kindness can help to save thousands of animals, which pass through our care and also help rebuild our facilities at The Sanctuary.

Certificate of Undertaking

Did you know that if you have a pet, you can make arrangements with Assisi as part of our ‘Certificate of Undertaking scheme, that in the event of your death, Assisi will take and care for your pet and will continue to look after them until we find them a new home. If you do leave a request in your Will for Assisi to look after your pet, please do let us know.

If you would like to find out more about our ‘Certificate of Undertaking’ scheme or would like more details on leaving a gift in your Will to Assisi and want to speak confidentially to a member of the team, please contact Anna on 07736945326 or email [email protected]

Make a Donation

Assisi relies heavily on donations from individuals and organisations within our community to keep our Sanctuary going.  Your donation will make a huge difference to the wellbeing of the animals in our care and help us to provide the much needed day to day requirements to meet their welfare needs.