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Charles and Hudson

Charles and Hudson are two friendly older piggies. They were formally a group of four, however unfortunately two of their buddies passed away due to illness. Charles and Hudson have spent some time at the vets, and are now doing ok, however Charles is on some medication until his test results come back and both […]

Reese and Hershey

Reese and Hershey are two newly admitted male piggies! Reese is the cream colored pig and Hershey is the brown long haired piggy. Reese is around 8 months old whilst Hershey is around 9 months old. Both boys will be neutered this week. They are fairly confident piggies, though, as they are still young, they […]

Belle and Lilith

Belle and Lilith are two sweet female buns at approximately 5 months old. Both girls were quite nervous upon admission, however have started to come around to human interaction gradually. There will still be a lot of socialization required for these two girls to gain trust. Belle is a black bun, and Lilith is a […]

Victor and Jack

Victor and Jack are two male Degus! Upon the first day both boys were a little reserved, however they have both come out of their shells rather well. They love their exercise wheel and are in it fairly regularly, and enjoy getting their sand bath as well. Exploring their surroundings seems to be of interest […]


Poppy is a beautiful brindle/brown coloured female bun at approximately 4 years old.  Poppy came to the sanctuary originally in 2015 at 10 weeks old with 4 other siblings. Poppy was re-homed to live with a neutered male companion, and did so for those four years, however unfortunately her male companion passed away, resulting in […]

Crumbs, Beans and Brownie

These three buns are such a great trio, they are incredibly sociable, especially when the humans come bearing snacks! Crumbs is a neutered male, and Brownie and Beans are two spayed females. They currently all live together with no issues! They each have their own different personalities, but one strong love in common.. FOOD!! They […]

Roxy and Hamish

Roxy is a female bun at around 5 years old. She was formally paired with Patrick bun who unfortunately passed away due to his medical issues. Roxy can be quite a sassy bun, but deep down loves attention and head rubs. She LOVES her food, just a little bit too much, and as a result […]


Meet Felix!  Felix is a beautiful black bun with white markings. He is a neutered male bun at approximately 1 year old. Felix originally came in with his brother Jasper, however, as they were both entire males, they ended up arguing. Even though they have been neutered, and we attempted the start of the bonding […]