Meet our Cats


Meet Wanda!  She is approx. 2-3 years old.  She loves people but is not keen on other felines .  She has been waiting patiently for her forever home but nobody has come for her yet. If you are interested in Wanda please call up to the sanctuary and meet her. The sanctuary is opening for rehoming Tuesday-Sunday 11-3pm.


Cynthia is 2 years old and has become the princess of the cattery.  She likes to claim any new bed as hers, and her favourite bed says princess on it and is a shape of a crown. Cynthia would like to be the only cat in the house, with older children.


Snowball is a 6 years old male who has been at the sanctuary for nearly 3 years. Snowballs favourite pastime is food and treats. He would need an experienced cat owner who would not have any other cats.


Jax is around 9 months old and he is still a young playful cat.  He can be a bit boisterous around older cats so a cat around a similar age would be suitable. Jax can be shy at first but once he gets to know you he will be fine.

Melody and Maria

Melody and Maria are 2 year old sisters who will need a home together. They would love a home where they can have access to a garden to bird watch and climb trees. They are sociable girls who could live with other cats.


Meet Bo!  Bo is a 3 year old female who likes attention on her terms. Bo would need an experienced cat owner with no other cats. Bo likes to play with the laser pen but can get a bit over excited, so no young children.


Meet Aspen!  Aspen is a 3-4 year old female cat.  She is an independent girl who likes attention on her terms. Aspen would love a garden to sunbathe in the summertime. She would like to be the centre of attention so no other pets.


Meet Sparks!  Sparks has been at the sanctuary for nearly 2 years.  This 8 year old boy has a favourite pastime of eating – Sparks is not fussy and he will munch all day if he is allowed! Sparks would love a home with an experienced cat owner with access to a garden for a stroll.


Mittens is 4 years old who has found life in the cattery a bit stressful with all the other cats. She would need to be the only pet in the house so she could get all the attention and cuddles.


Meet Tootsie!  Tootsie is a 7 year old female who likes attention on her terms. Tootsie has lived with other cats in the past, she would require an experienced cat owner.


Meet Bart!  Bart is 13 years old and is a very chilled out and relaxed cat.  He would love a home where he can be the centre of attention!  Bart would love a retirement home that is very quiet with older children.


Meet Malchik!  This georgeous guy Malchik is approximately 7 years old.  He has Cerebella Hyperplasia.  Malchik is a housecat and needs an experienced cat home due to his condition.  He is very friendly and would love to live in a quiet home with no dogs.


Meet Lizzie!  Lizzie is approx. 8 years old, and had a cancerous lumps on her ears due to sun damage hence the short ears.  She is very affectionate and loves people.  However she does not like other cats, but could live with a dog.


Dorothy is a 10-years young female cat. Can live with a family with older children but no cats or dogs. She is looking for a quiet retirement home.

Donald and Doris

These two beautiful cats need to be rehomed together.  Donald is 8 years old (black & white face) and Doris is 10 years old and they are mother and son.  Cattery life is very stressfull for them and they don’t feel like eating much. Their owner passed away and they are a bit upset.  If you have a quiet […]


Hi My name is May i am about 2 years old . The staff here are well trained, i only eat chicken warmed of course. My time here has been a little longer than expected . I would like a home where my staff can love my cattitude . If you would like to meet […]