Meet our dogs


Nala is a 7 month old lurcher collie x who is very energetic and friendly and will need a lot of basic training. Nala is still under assessment. She would be best suited to a home with older children and no small animals. She could possibly go with another dog pending dog meet.


Xander is a 2 year old lurcher x staffie who is very nervous and energetic boy. He has only come into the sanctuary and is currently still under assessment. Xander couldn’t go to a home with any small animals or cats as he will chase them, but he could go with older children who are […]

Grace and Ollie

Grace and Ollie are around one year old! They are Beagles! Grace and Ollie are seeking a forever home to call their own! They are very active and love their walks! They also love their food! They are seeking a home with an owner who has lots of time to spend with them and will […]

Pippin And Pixie

Pippin and Pixie are a pair of lovely little Yorkies! They are seeking a forever home! They can be a little nervous and would be best suited to living with older children! Pippin and Pixie are very affectionate and love to cuddle up on the sofa together. Pippin and Pixie have not been at the […]


Lewie is a stunning staffy cross! He has only just arrived at the sanctuary and therefore is still under assessment! Lewie is a very nervous boy and will need an experienced owner to help him gain some confidence. Lewie is affectionate once he gets to know you. Please call up to the sanctuary and fill […]


Wolfie is a five year old bearded collie cross. Wolfie has only just arrived at the sanctuary but so far he seems to be a very calm and affectionate boy. Wolfie is seeking a forever home to call his own with an owner who has lots of time to spend with him. Please call up […]


Beans is a five year old, small collie X. Beans is a timid boy who has only just arrived at the sanctuary, therefore he is under assessment. Beans would love to find a home to call his own with a nice warm sofa to lay on. If you would like to find out more about […]


Roxy is a 2 year old Rottweiler who is a loving friendly girl. Roxy hasn’t been with us too long but has got on very well. She is still a hyper playful girl who loves having your attention and learning new things. She can be re-homed with another dog (pending dog meet), kids 8+ and […]


Meet little Jason who is only 8 weeks old! He is a Mastiff x Rottweiler/Husky. He has settled in very well for only being 8 weeks old. He loves having attention and playing with his tunnel and toys. As Jason is mixed with 3 large breeds, someone who has the experience with any of these […]


Rufus is a 10 year old Jack Russell who loves to be the boss. He loves getting attention but only when he wants it. Rufus would prefer if he was the only pet in the home. He will need someone who gives him the space he needs as he can get very overwhelmed and gets […]

Jed *Reserved*

Jed is a sweet boy who would love to find his forever home. He is a 9 year old Black Lab. He can be quite nervous when it comes to meeting strangers but with slow introductions and gaining his trust he has come around to the staff and volunteers leaps and bounds. Jed needs a […]


Well hello everyone! It’s me Tana , 4 year old Shihtzu x. You may remember me from a while ago, I look a bit different with my new haircut!! Sadly I am back up for rehoming and this time I hope I get my forever ever ever home!!! I get very nervous around strangers and […]


This is Bruce, he is around 2 years old and is a Jack Russel cross. Poor Bruce hasn’t had the best of luck latelty. He can be a bit nervous of men, so slow introductions when meeting strangers. Bruce could go home with another dog pending dog meet. He wouldn’t be suited with children so […]


This lovely boy is Bru. He is a 8 year old, Deerhound/Wolfhound x who is a big lovable boy. He recently has arrived into Assisi and is doing well with the staff. Bru can be very timid around strangers as he needs to get to know you first. He is still under assessment so will […]


This big girl is 3 years old, with much love to give. The staff have been able to see her development from arriving at the sanctuary and how much she loves attention. She is a very strong girl that requires some basic training and lead training. Due to her size and being full of energy […]


Betsy is an 8 year old JRT. She came to us as her owner sadly passed away. She has taken some time to adapt to life at the sanctuary. Betsy would be best suited to a home with no other animals or children. She will need time and patience to allow her to settle into […]


This cutie is Jack. He is a 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. He has been at the sanctuary now for quite a while sadly and is still looking for his forever home. He would need an experienced owner who has dealt with behavioural issues before. He wouldn’t be suitable to live with children or cats unfortunately. […]