Assisi Outreach Scheme

Assisi introduced its Outreach scheme in 2017

Our Outreach scheme was the brainchild of one of our trustees and long term volunteers, Rosemary Glendinning and started in October 2017

The creation of the scheme came about because there was a clear recognition that there are individuals and families within our community who struggle to make ends meet and provide food for themselves, their families and their pets.

Pets can be a literal lifeline to so many homeless people or people living on their own, but all too often, the cost to feed them and pay for veterinary treatment is something their owners find difficult to afford. 

We know that human and community welfare organisations regularly come into contact with these vulnerable people in our community with companion animals. So we linked up with them and now work alongside these organisations to identify those in most need and support them by providing and distributing pet food and other essential supplies to ensure these pets can remain with their owners.

Assisi also recognised that we are not alone in our animal rescue and welfare work.  There are plenty of like-minded people and groups who carry out similar work to us and could benefit from our help just as we benefit from help from supporters, donors and volunteers.

Whether Assisi rescues and re-homes an animal or it is saved by another group or organisation doesn’t ultimately matter.  What’s most important is the animal’s welfare and wellbeing.  We are often at maximum capacity and we see other much smaller shelters united by the same causes and goals.  These smaller rescue and shelter initiatives work just as tirelessly and just as passionately as we do.  

The core of Assisi’s values is to promote a culture where we are caring, compassionate, inclusive, passionate and animal centric and our ultimate aim is to keep as many loved and wanted animals as possible in their homes and with their owners.

So, we provide in-kind support by way of food and basic medical supplies.  Our Outreach work contributes to the care and wellbeing of hundreds of animals and their owners in Northern Ireland every year.

Make a Donation to our Outreach Scheme

Assisi relies on donations from individuals and organisations within our community to keep our Sanctuary going.  Your donation will make a huge difference to the wellbeing of the animals in our care and help us to provide the much needed day to day requirements to meet their welfare needs.