Surrender a pet

If you can no longer care for your pet, we are here to help.  

We know that this can be a distressing time.  Assisi will never judge you for making the difficult decision to surrender your pet.  We know that circumstances change, sometimes at short notice.  However, if your circumstance is temporary, or you just need some advice, we are here to help.  

If you do feel that you want to surrender your pet, please read on.

Demand for our services is very high.  However, if your situation is urgent, please do let us know in the form below.  We will do everything we can to help you as quickly as possible.

What happens next?

Please take 5-10 minutes to fill out the form below.  Please provide as much information as you can.

This will help us to help you quicker.  It also helps us to prioritise urgent cases, and allows us to spend more time with the animals that we have in our care.

If you don’t have a recent photo of your pet, please take one now.  You will be asked to attach it to the form.  If for some reason you cannot do this, that is OK.