Steve & Jessica

Steve is one of our long term resident buns, who has been here since 2012 ! Steve is an approximately 6 year old neutered male bun. Steve is unfortunately blind, however, this does not stop him from exploring and getting about. Steve needs to be kept in the same area, with level ground, so no hutches. Previously paired with Ella bun, who unfortunately passed away last year, he had been on his own for 6 months. He has recently been paired with Jessica Bun, and they get on great! Jessica is a spayed female bun at approximately 3 years old. Steve has been getting much better with being handled, however, he can still be quite unsure at times and quite prefers to be left to do his own thing. He copes with being health checked weekly very well, being in a regular routine, so he knows what to expect really helps him. Jessica is a great bun who loves head rubs! She requires grooming regularly to maintain her fluffy coat! Both buns have their Myxomatosis vaccination and RVHD2 vaccination up to date. They are also up to date with their panacur treatment.