Bert is a male Guinea Pig at approximately 2-3 years old. He is currently entire, however is due to be neutered this week. Bert is quite nervous, and does not seem to be settling in the busy sanctuary atmosphere. We would really like Bert to be in a home as soon as possible! We feel he would benefit well from a piggy companion, male or female, however he will still have his neuter wait to do before he is allowed to be mixed with another pig. this will not stop the bonding process being able to start, provided he is in a separate enclosure beside his new friend, so he is able to see and smell them. Once picked up Bert doesn’t mind being petted, however he will certainly need a lot of socialisation to help him get used to humans. He has not yet learnt that a fissily bag means good things, however this along with good routines will help him associate good things with people. If you feel you could offer Bert a home, please call to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form!

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