Echo and Elmo are such a great little pair, they both chose each other for company before we even had a chance to choose who to bond them with! They got on so well we decided to let them continue to bond, and it did not take very long at all! Elmo is a mischievous 3 year old male bun, white and honey in colour. Upon admission, Elmo had to receive an emergency dental as his teeth were a state. Thankfully the drastic dental has not affected his behavior and attitude too much, and he is eating well, even without his front teeth, and is more inquisitive than when he first arrived. He absolutely loves to explore, run about, and eat some tasty treats. Echo is a sweet little lady bun under 1 year old, black and white in colour. She has a lovely little personality and has become slightly braver than she was when she first came in, most likely due to Elmo helping her with her confidence! She loves to get out into the garden runs to binky and pop about with excitement! As Elmo still has medication to take, he will need a home in which new owners are happy to administer, or learn how to administer medication properly. If you are interested in the pair, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form.

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