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Nougat, Sherbet, Dipdab and Dolly

These four beautiful ladies were admitted along with 3 other guineas. Where 7 soon became 14, and 14 soon became 17! These lady pigs had unfortunately been caught by an entire male that was housed with them, and as a result, between them they had 10 babies. These ladies are now ready to find a […]


Nash is a neutered male guinea pig who is around 1 year old! He came in with his brother Theodore, however the two didn’t seem to get on well upon arrival and were often caught bickering! As a result we have decided to separate the two, as a few scuffles ended in some scratch wounds. […]

Pedro and Sierra

Pedro and Sierra are a brilliant pair of piggies! Pedro is a neutered male, approximately 1 year old and Sierra is a female at approximately 1 year old. both piggies were admitted to the sanctuary from separate homes last year. When Pedro was admitted, he was entire, so before bonding with any other piggies, he […]

Lavender and Oreo

Lavender and Oreo are two beautiful buns here at the sanctuary. Lavender is a female Angora bun at approximately 1 year old. Oreo is a neutered Black Otter Rex male bun at approximately 2 years old. Lavender was quite a sassy lady upon admission, however bonding her with Oreo seems to have helped to calm […]

Bellatrix and Nagini

These two gorgeous girls are Bellatrix (Black and White) and Nagini (Brown and White semi-long hair). These two girls are approximately 3 years old. Nagini seems to be more confident than Bellatrix, however some tasty veggies seem to be bringing them out of their shells day by day! Both piggies would love a cosy home […]


Nena bun is a gorgeous lady bun at approximately 3 years old and is looking for a neutered male companion! Nena has shown us she has quite a dominant nature when it comes to other rabbits, as she is not used to other rabbits being around her she becomes quite reactive, so bonding may take […]

Charles and Hudson

Charles and Hudson are two friendly older piggies. They were formally a group of four, however unfortunately two of their buddies passed away due to illness. Charles and Hudson have spent some time at the vets, and are now doing ok, however Charles is on some medication until his test results come back and both […]

Belle and Lilith

Belle and Lilith are two sweet female buns at approximately 5 months old. Both girls were quite nervous upon admission, however have started to come around to human interaction gradually. There will still be a lot of socialization required for these two girls to gain trust. Belle is a black bun, and Lilith is a […]


Poppy is a beautiful brindle/brown coloured female bun at approximately 4 years old.  Poppy came to the sanctuary originally in 2015 at 10 weeks old with 4 other siblings. Poppy was re-homed to live with a neutered male companion, and did so for those four years, however unfortunately her male companion passed away, resulting in […]

Cinnamon, Buttons and Marbles

Cinnamon, Buttons and Marbles are three gorgeous female guinea pigs. These ladies were re-homed but unfortunately returned to the sanctuary through no fault of their own. Cinnamon ginger and white, Buttons is black and white and Marbles is black, tan and white in colour! They all have quite the voice on them, especially when it […]