Tigger and Baby

Meet Tigger and baby!  They are mother and son and are 3 years and old 2 years old. A home together would be ideal because they are very close. Sanctuary life is stressing them out and they would love a house of their own. They have been outside in our previous home so they would […]


Ember is a 10+ year old female, who likes human company but not keen on other felines. Ember is on a strict chicken only diet advised by our vets.

Joe Black

Meet Joe Black he is 6 year old male cat. Joe black is a very independent guy who likes attention on his own terms. He would need an experience cat owner with no other cats.

Lucy 2

Lucy 2 is a 5 year old semi longhaired female. She is a very quiet girl who likes attention once she gets to know you. She will need regular brushing to help maintain her lovely coat. Lucy would be best suited to a home with no other cats or dogs.


Delores is a 11 month old female who loves to play with her wand toys. Delores definitely has cattitude and tries to be the boss of the kitten unit with her cheeky nature.


Jet is a 10+ year old male, Jet is deaf so he would need to be a housecat where he can relax in the house and love his new family life without young children.

Bernie and Benji

Bernie and Benji are 11 month old brother and sister, they would like a home together . Bernie (tortie and white) is shy and would require more socialisation . Benji is very friendly and will sit on your knee.


Lucy is a 10 year old female who came to the sanctuary when her owner could no longer look after her. Lucy is very independent but she can be heard calling her distinctive cry at meal times. Lucy would like a retirement home where she can be herself with no other felines to bother her.


Zorro is a 5 year old male cat who loves human attention , Zorro would need to be the only cat in the house with a experienced cat owner. Zorro is asthmatic and requires a inhaler twice a day.


Leela is a 8 year old friendly female who likes her own space. Leela would like a quiet home where she can be the centre of attention and enjoy some home comforts.