Frank came to the sanctuary as a stray from our vets. Frank is 10+ years old and needs a quiet retirement home where he can be safe and warm to sleep.


Molly is approximately 6 years old and she loves human company. Molly would need a home with experience of giving medication. Molly is very content to sit on the sofa all day but would not get along with other animals.


Penelope is a friendly 10 year old who would love a quiet retirement home with no other animals.


Willow was handed in to the sanctuary as a stray. She was very skinny and had been living under cars. It has taken some time but she is now looking for a home with no other cats.


Harriet is a older girl 12+ who would love a cozy sofa to sit on in a quiet home.


Tully is a super friendly older boy of 14 years. He would love a very quiet retirement home .


Karwin(ginger and white), Kaleb (black),Kimberley (Tortie) siblings that are 16 weeks old. These kittens need an experienced cat owner who can give them further socialisation . No young children and a quiet home.

Bernie and Benji

Bernie and Benji are 11 month old brother and sister, they would like a home together . Bernie (tortie and white) is shy and would require more socialisation . Benji is very friendly and will sit on your knee.

Checkers and Chica

Checkers and Chica are a 3 year old brother and sister pair who need to be rehomed together. Checkers is very shy and would need lots of patience from an experienced cat owner. They both love treats and will be your best friend for chicken. They could live with other cats about the same age […]

Casper and Wendy

Meet Casper and Wendy!  They are 2 a year old brother and sister pair who would require an experienced cat owner.  Both cats are very shy and would need more socialisation to gain trust and confidence.