*Ebony and Ivory and now reserved*  Ebony and Ivory are two sweet female piggies at approximately one and a half years old. Ebony is mainly a light brown colour with white, whilst Ivory is mainly white with fawn! They both are long haired piggies, so do require to be brushed to ensure they do not get any matts or tatts! These two girlies are very nervous in nature and would require a quiet household and someone with a lot of time to encourage them out of their shells! They don’t mind being petted once picked up, but much prefer to have all four feet on the ground! The girls really enjoy their veggies, especially red peppers, celery and spinach! Ebony and Ivory have not yet shown an interest in investigating new areas, and much prefer areas where they feel safe. If you feel you could offer these two lovely girls a quiet loving home, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form!

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