These four beautiful boys are Hudson (Top Right), Charles (Top Left), Bobby (Bottom Left) and Hank (Bottom Right). Recently admitted to the sanctuary, these boys are still taking a little time to settle. They have recently had a vet check, and are now on ear drops for their dirty ears. Hudson and Charles are currently on antibiotics for a respiratory infection, which seems to be gradually clearing up. All boys will be neutered at the same time, once Hudson and Charles are off their antibiotic medication. The boys have lived together for several years, and seem to all get on well with each other. We would love to keep them together if we could however would consider pairs if it meant them getting forever homes! All boys are around 3 years old. They will require a larger space if they are all being kept together! They all seem to enjoy their food, so socialization with tasty veg should have these boys coming around in no time! If you feel you could offer these boys a forever home, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form!

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