Noah and Nicholas are a father and son pair of Chinchillas. They came in alongside Niamh, (Niamh being the mother). Noah is around 7 years, whilst Nicholas is around 1 year. Much like Niamh, these boys were scared, with their coats in rough condition.  Two months on and they have come out of their shells. Noah (father) doesn’t mind a little head or cheek rub, however Nicholas is not fussed on being touched at all. Neither of them enjoy being picked up, so only require to be when receiving their weight and health checks. Noah is the braver of the pair, however Nicholas is probably the cheekiest out of the two. If there is an open door of their accommodation, Nicholas will be sure to go through it!! They both love a fun run around in safe and secure area, supervised of course. Both boys know when it’s treat o’clock, and will be up at their bars demanding their food! Noah enjoys snoozing in his cuddle cup, where-as Nicholas prefers to sleep on top of a hammock like bed. Noah’s coat seems to be taking its time in growing back, therefor he is on a vitamin supplement to help with this. A daily enjoyment is their sand bath; both chinchies absolutely love rolling around!  They have both come on leaps and bounds from when they first arrived. Nicholas and Noah would love a fairly quiet home where they can settle and enjoy life. If you feel you could offer Noah and Nicholas a good home, please call up to the sanctuary, speak to the staff and fill out an application form!! 

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